Our patented pending, stainless steel burners is engineered and built in Germany closely following DIN 4734-1 and certified by TüV-Süd. These standards apply to decorative devices that generate flame using an ethanol-based liquid fuel, NOT TO BE USED WITH ETHANOL GEL. Our burner is made for decorative fireplaces and not suitable for heating purposes. Please read our instructions and comments carefully and follow your applicable local, state and federal regulation.

Woods, Riverstone, Marble and Onyx

all our fireplaces are made out of natural materials. The Teakwood and the Riverstone fireplaces are unique. Which means because of their nature, no two are alike. This makes LaXoLuX mobile fireplaces exceptionally attractive. Markings and coloring are made by nature and cannot be manipulated. That means any product pictured here is similar to the one you will receive, but not an exact identical piece. The variable design makes our fireplaces authentically valuable. We never cut trees nor do we ever finance this act. Although our "teak balls" and "teak spider tables" are made from the teak tree roots which have been in the ground unused for many years. They are scouted, dug out, and prepared by hand, but never cut. This makes our fireplace a true ''one of a kind'' piece, and environment friendly. Therefore the supply is very limited due to our Nature's generousity.

Our Ethanol Burner

Our Decorative Fireplaces