See here how to operate our LaXoLuX Ethanol Burner:

In 2010 Jörg and Susi Winkler and Uli Fecher had the idea to market their own mobile fireplace which is used with Bio-Ethanol fuel. They wanted to create something special. After developing their own ''state-of-the-art'' burner which is made in Germany, they created a very unique indoor and outdoor fireplace.

They merged the German made technology and quality with the warmth and the coziness of natural materials. The result is an exclusive product: one of the safest fireplaces to operate as a uniquely created piece of Teakwood, Oakwood, Marble, and Onyx. The fireplace is a mobile, ventless ethanol burner, made of stainless steel that is integrated in one of a kind designs. Perfect for stylish residences and gardens, offices and businesses.

These Ethanol fireplaces are not meant to be used as heating devices, but as exclusive decorative objects.

Our well designed fireplaces burn roughly 6 to 7 hours with about 0.8 gallons (3 Liters) of Ethanol. The base of the fireplace is very stable which prevents it from tipping over. The unique design of our heat resistent ''Schott Duran'' glass gives an attractive flame reflection from every surrounding angle . This emphasizes the flame and gives it a more campfirelike ambience (see picture above).

We are looking for qualified retailers, architects and designers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and South America. Shoppers are welcome to contact us for any questions.

We have a full line of different sizes and styles. We also welcome special projects. Made in Germany, we distribute from Wichita, KS, U.S.A.

What is the required fuel to use:

Our burner operates with Ethanol. Ethanol defined as ''Denatured Alcohol''. It is a clean burning fuel. That means the result of the burning process is only water and CO2 which is comparable to what human-beings emit. For best visual flame's effect, please use Ethanol with at least 95% Natural and Renewable content. This fuel is better for your environment. Bio-Ethanol is a non toxic, oderless, and smoke/soot free fuel. Hence, our fireplaces operate indoors, not only outdoors.

You can purchase Bio-Ethanol from the internet, Hardware stores, or DIY stores.